I’ll leave this one a bit more open for interpretation –



“Wake up buddy!”

Buzzzz riiiing riiiing beep buzzzz riiiing riiiing beep

“Get out of bed already it’s time to get up!”


“Leave me alone!!”

Covers off, kick, kick – left leg then right, pushed to the foot of the bed

“Don’t you have an exam today?”

7:30AM. “Exam @ 9:30” – scribbled on the calendar

“C’mon grab your bag, get in the car”

Jacket. Zip. Backpack. Zip. Pen. Calculator. Zip

“The exam is being handed out, do your best. It’s time to showcase all that you’ve learned!”

“Sit two seats apart, remember no calculators, no pens.”…“Shit.”

“How was your day?”

‘Noise cancellation activated’, bell tower chime attenuated, the Meadowlark’s chirp – silenced, a brisk walk through manicured lawns


Glass doors give way to a desolate library, 5th floor rotunda and panoramic window panes. A ray of sunlight dazzles along the oak trim

“Do you have any homework?”

College ruled sheets, populated so heavily they pay no heed to the margins

“Quit nagging me, I’ll get to it!”

Line after line, glossed over as the mind begins to dawdle

“I’m going to the game tonight”

The yellow hue of the street light illuminates the signpost – ‘Van Buren’

“ID Check! You’re good to go, have fun at the game!”

White house on the corner with barricaded blackout windows. The bass leaks through the asbestos ridden walls

“Hey! What’s up? You amped for the game?”

Front door thrown open, and the dissonant EDM track slips out along with hollow laughter, yelling and stench of Burnett’s

“Yeah so amped, glad to be out of the house”

Hot, sweaty, semi-nude bodies glide on each other in chorus with the bass. Trojans, Coors, line the edge of the linoleum wood floors

“How long till halftime? Let’s get some pizza from the stand!”

70 proof. Double shot, chase. Warmth. 3, 4, 5 tipsy. 6, 7, 8 impaired. Laughter, friends, hysteria, linoleum wood spin cycle

“Need a ride home?” “Yes please”

Eyes strain open, muffled track, door wide open

“How was the game?”

Vertigo, a trek through blackness albeit the porch lights dotting the side of the road


Key pressed into lock, black room, black bed, silence

“Ok well good night buddy, sleep well”

Clamor into bed, cold sheets, eerie whisper of the wind

“I’ll wake you in the morning!”

‘Alarm on’

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