Made in China

Using my late pass on Day 11. The prompt was to write a poem about an object or a place and end it in a surprising or abstract/philosophical way.   Adjacent the curb,   A wood plank, machine carved to resemble the cousin of a surfboard Composed of airy yellow, imported bamboo strips Each strip […]

The Medic

I’ve been pretty swamped with school the last few days and I haven’t been on top of writing. I still want to write on each of the prompts, but they may be a bit out of order now as I try to catch up again. The following is Day 7’s prompt, a poem structured in […]


Notes: Not sure if this constitutes as poetry, but I did what I could with what I had! I’m a little late finishing this one up, but the day 5 prompt was to write a poem either using the names of Heirloom plants or inspired by one.     The Bull (Nose Sweet Bell Pepper) […]


Notes: NaPoWriMo Day 4. I’ve been tied up with homework lately so a bit tight on time; I free-versed it for this one, but kept it relatively short. The prompt for this poem was to write about the month which you believe is the cruelest. I wrote about the month of January and examined the […]

A Letter to Gandhi

Notes: This one is formatted a bit oddly – I wanted to give it the structure of a letter, but still write it with stanzas that flow well together. The prompt for today was to write a letter to a celebrity, so I decided to write to Gandhiji, a very real celebrity in my mind. […]


Notes: This poem was written to complement the photo above. Family is a pretty widely defined term for me and this particular ‘family portrait’ focuses on the two cousins on my mom’s side and my sister. The poem itself is composed of rhyming couplets with each one of us pictured being the focus of a […]

Summer Days

NaPoWriMo Day 1 – Lune Notes – With the sun being out these last few days, I thought writing about the summer would be fitting for my 1st NaPoWriMo poem. This one is styled like a typical Lune. It has stanzas consisting of three lines; the first with five syllables, the second with three syllables […]