Notes: Not sure if this constitutes as poetry, but I did what I could with what I had! I’m a little late finishing this one up, but the day 5 prompt was to write a poem either using the names of Heirloom plants or inspired by one.



The Bull (Nose Sweet Bell Pepper)

went to California (Wonder Sweet Bell Pepper)

drinking a Corona (Sweet Bell Pepper).


He climbed up Doe Hill (Golden Bell Sweet Pepper)

and saw Jupiter (Sweet Bell Pepper)

with all of its Purple Beauty (Sweet Bell Pepper).


At the bottom of the hill, there was a Blue Lake (Bush Snap Bean)

reflecting the Cosmic (Purple Carrots) hues.


And there, along the shore rested an Elephant (Garlic).


She was a Mammoth (Melting Sugar Tall Snow Pea) one,

yet by the lake, she looked like a (Oregon Giant) Dwarf (Snow Pea).


The Bull (Nose Sweet Bell Pepper) watched for some time and soon,

the Elephant (Garlic) started to turn Green (Goliath Broccoli).
He looked back up to the Moon and Stars (Yellow Fleshed Watermelon),

yet they returned no answers.
It must’ve been one too many Corona (Sweet Bell Pepper)s.

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