Diary of a Programmer

Today’s prompt encouraged writing a “non-apology” for something we’ve stolen. I wouldn’t say stealing code was common in my computer science program at school, but it definitely happened from time to time. Anyway, I wrote a Python script for my non-apology on behalf of CS students everywhere…I tried to write it so it would read from top to bottom, but feel free to run it if you’ve got a Python 3 environment, it’ll be more fun. Software can be poetic, right?

 # An extremely useful program to help you decide if you should copy code off the internet

import webbrowser
import time

def yeahIShouldProbablyJustGoogleIt():
    dueDate = input("Do you have enough time to actually do this assignment? ")
    triedYourself = input("Have you tried to solve it yourself? ")
    everyoneElse = input("Did the geek in the 10am section do it yet? ")
    ethics = input("Do you consider yourself morally superior? ")
    if (dueDate or triedYourself or everyoneElse or ethics == 'no'):
        return True
        return False

def main():
    shouldCopyCode = yeahIShouldProbablyJustGoogleIt()

    if (shouldCopyCode == True):
        print('If you answered "no" to any of the previous questions, you\'ll probably find this useful. Don\'t feel bad about it!')
        print('Congrats! You\'re one of the select few not copying code!')

if __name__ == "__main__":

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