Pūst pīlītes

This one’s from a prompt from a couple days ago that I didn’t get around to finishing – the goal was to “engage with different languages and cultures through the lens of proverbs and idiomatic phrases.” I used the Latvian idiom, Pūst pīlītes, for mine. It translates literally to “to blow little ducks”, but means to talk nonsense or lie.


He was quite the fibber,
Often described as Pinocchio without the nose
Adept at looting 7/11s,
By the budding age of five
What began with packs of Big Red
Turned to American Spirits
Then top shelf Laphroaig
Then diamonds, yanked from ring fingers
And before long,
With a clip point tucked inside his belt
He drained the till at every bodega on the block
And when the reckoning finally came,
Cuffed and bent over the Crown Victoria hood
He sauntered away scotch free,
As he was an expert in blowing little ducks.
Pūst pīlītes.

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