The Gravel Path

Day 2’s prompt was to write something inspired by Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken. I didn’t really shoot for the rhyme scheme or iambic pentamer though, just sort of generally similar. Also I had a 4th stanza with the “made all the difference” part, but didn’t like it so that’s gone. Enjoy!

The autumn wind whistled
The nearby traffic hummed
He perched by the withering thistles,
Yearning for dismissal,
From a conversation yet to come

She faltered towards him, long last
Tears bending down her cheek
A moment already a poignant past
Since it happened quite fast,
There were few words left to speak

What had started with spilled wine
And quick recovery with wit
Led to a chartered bond to challenge time
But it wasn’t built for a lifetime
No matter the grit, it wasn’t it

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