Today’s prompt was to write a poem in the form of a monologue of a dead person. I struggled to come up with someone so thinking about the type of message a generic boomer may want to send to the doomers today. Free verse for this one, not the greatest but I can’t stay awake:

Oh, so you’re a doomer, I see –
Well let me tell you a little story
You see for what it’s worth,
you’re not alone
You’re certainly not the first
You’re certainly not the last
We have encountered the end before
In the 50s we had ‘duck and cover’
And in the 60s, MLK collapsed on the balcony
By the 70s, the Beatles parted ways
And in the 80s, AIDS made its debut
You see, we did encounter the end before
But here we are, to tell the tale
And maybe the end is near,
or maybe
just maybe
this is just a hurdle, and you should see it through

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