To do, or not to do

I’m a day late on this one, but found a nifty WordPress feature that lets me pretend this was published yesterday. The prompt was to write a poem in the form of a “to-do” list, ideally from an unusual character. Here’s Elon Musk’s to do list (no harm intended, ofc) –

My extremely important task list:

  • Send out follow up email to Franz regarding Cybertruck design roadmap
  • Prepare for end of quarter All Hands event
  • Monthly lunch with Bob & Doug
    • Update them on launch plans for next month including Dogecoin delivery
  • Come up with name for that Martian we discovered (X Æ A-12 maybe? Since the name is now available)
  • Tweet out that SoFi is the future (give a heads up to SEC guy to avoid our TSLA $420 predicament)
  • Buy new sleeping bag for Gigafactory floor (oh, the Mountain Hardwear Phantom looks like the perfect cocoon)
  • Prepare for next interview with Jay Leno
    • Just kidding, who needs to prepare for those
  • Sell the chalet in Austria
  • Sell the cabin in Jackson Hole
  • Sell the penthouse in Miami
  • Sell the townhouse in SF
  • Update the software on my stupid Neuralink chip so those notifications stop
    • Follow up with our monkey on how the chip implant has been treating him
  • Sue the Ford Motor Company
  • Find my other important task list (hopefully didn’t leave it in the Austria chalet)

One thought on “To do, or not to do

  1. Haha, this one is really funny. But, you forgot the most important item on the To-Do list:
    Light up a doobie with Willie Nelson, get Greg Abott’s undie tied up in a twist!
    (Remember he’s a Texas resident now)


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