The Skipper at Sea

Today’s prompt is to write a glosa” – a poem that glosses, or explains, or in some way responds to another poem. I chose to write my glosa based off The Wreck of the Hesperus by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

The story begins at the crack of dawn,
when the skipper was summoned. The message
was parceled through the night. Details were
sparse, but sail they would.
It was the schooner Hesperus,

Embarking was bold,
for the light suffocated between the clouds.
The tide brought in debris, leaving
a fine filament port side.
That sailed the wintry sea;

West was the only route.
Days which became weeks.
And weeks which became months.
It was these moments, together
And the skipper had taken his little daughtèr,

As they only had each other left.
Together, they weathered the storm
and nuzzled among strangers.
As always, she cheerfully partook
To bear him company.

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