Woof Woes

The day 17 prompt was to write a poem based on a dog that you’ve known, seen or heard about. I wrote about the German Shepard our roommate had junior year of college, Tyson.

Vicious, angry, territorial, psycho.
He was the damaged couch left curbside
that gathered mold with each rain.
The rescue runt of the litter who struggled
to keep pace with his brothers and sisters.

Vicious, angry, territorial, psycho.
It was no surprise when he chased
his tail, when he bit with fervor.
When he snarled at guests and
drove fear into the neighbors.

Vicious, angry, territorial, psycho.
But he cowered when you placed
a hand while he fed, and whimpered
when you sauntered off
to the morning English lecture.

Vicious, angry, territorial, psycho.
And so it was these adjectives
that stained his fur coat.
That misrepresented a complex
being, who wound up our friend.

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