White Sand

Today’s prompt is the opposite from yesterday’s, to write about something really small. I decided to write about a grain of sand, in a fashionably small poem. Like a freckle, tuckedbeneath her wrist. Like dust, tossedamong every tide.

The Cascades Don’t Crumble

Today’s prompt is to write about something very large. I was missing my west coast mountains a bit today. Rising far above the valleysRising beyond the fringe of cloudsRising high over the timberline Rising where finches have ceased to chirpRising where mountain lions are forbiddenRising where the snowdrift exposes bare ridgesThese mountains hoard storiesThese mountains […]

The Park Song

Today’s prompt is to write a love poem. I decided to save this prompt for my special someone later this month, so writing another nonet about a Central Park entertainer since it’s a beautiful spring day. He basked under the cherry blossom,charming onlookers, brilliantlystrumming on his teak footstool. He produced every notewith intent and grace. […]

Skydive Kauai

Today’s prompt is to write a nonet. It has nine lines, starts with nine syllables and works its way down to one. Hunched over with knees pressed to my chestThe isle sun pours through the portholeThe Cessna prop shrieks to lifeWe barrel down the straightAnd rise to the cloudsMountains, valleysshrink awayScan anddive

Troubles Down Under

Today’s prompt is to name my alter-ago then write about itself in detail. This one took some thinking, but I wrote a short ghazal from the perspective of a koala. Where is my home? It was among these trees just yesterday How I must attend to these eucalypti, they wilted from the gust yesterday Today, […]


Today’s prompt was to write a poem that argues against or questions a proverb. I chose the following proverb: “An idle brain is the devil’s workshop”, which means if you do nothing you’ll think of mischief. I yearn for the lulls in the eveningWhen the bustle draws in to serenityIn those moments, I find my […]

Hail Bombs

Today’s prompt for day six is to write a poem where the first words of each line reproduce a phrase. My phrase was “It’s raining cats and dogs”. This one was inspired by a time we went to lunch at Vezzo and it started down-pouring hail. It’s a wild goose chase on Lex raining – […]


Fell a bit behind, but it’s up! The day 5 prompt was to write about a mystical person or creature doing something unusual. I wrote about Zeus skateboarding. There’s a yee old Greek legendWhich tells a tale about our brother Zeus While he was tasked with conquering the cloudsHe summered in Santa Monica Where he […]

Day Four: Prompt

Today’s prompt is to write a poem in the form of a poetry prompt. Draw your eyelids to a close Focus in on one sound in the distance Maybe a fan, or a car, or a siren Listen to the hum Now dispel all thoughts Let nothing but the hum remain And imagine an orange […]

The Skipper at Sea

Today’s prompt is to write a glosa” – a poem that glosses, or explains, or in some way responds to another poem. I chose to write my glosa based off The Wreck of the Hesperus by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The story begins at the crack of dawn, when the skipper was summoned. The message was […]