Empire State of What?

I had a poem about NYC that I’d started writing in my drafts for some time now, but always struggled to write it. With all of the buzz around OpenAI’s ChatGPT preview this week, I decided to try collaborating with the system to see what we could come up with together. The goal was a simple series of couplets – check it out and try and guess which couplets I wrote (full transcript of the dialog below).

Tucked between the Hudson and East, lies a magnificent gem of light
Filled with dwellers from all over, oh what a sight

In the bustling streets and towering buildings, a symphony of voices blend
Diversity and culture, the city’s heart and soul, never to end

They each bring their hopes, ambitions for life
But they also bring stories, at times filled of strife

The city never sleeps, it’s always on the move
A constant flow of people, a melting pot to prove

From Broadway to Wall Street, it’s a place of dreams
Where anything is possible, or so it seems

But beneath the glitter and glamour, a struggle lies deep
For some the city is a playground, for others it’s a steep

But still they persevere, with a fire in their soul
In the Empire State of What, they strive to reach their goal.

Full transcript

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