Garba out West

Today’s prompt was to find a poem and write one that maintains the shape of the original where every line starts with the first letter of the corresponding line in the original poem. I decided to use the feature on, but the April 5th feature was structured like prose so went back a day […]


Today’s prompt was to write a poem inspired by the @SpaceLiminalBot. I chose the following photo: Anyway, spent most of the day skiing then had to work for a few hours at night so was a bit short on time today and went with a Haiku. Virtual we toilBut why, a wise one may probe?With what, […]

Half bloom

Off prompt today – spent most of the day at the Tulip festival with my sister & her boyfriend so penned a Tanka about flowers. We ambled about through the garden in half bloompetals drawn for rays where bees sung in unisonwith light hearts and full spirits

The Gravel Path

Day 2’s prompt was to write something inspired by Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken. I didn’t really shoot for the rhyme scheme or iambic pentamer though, just sort of generally similar. Also I had a 4th stanza with the “made all the difference” part, but didn’t like it so that’s gone. Enjoy! The autumn […]


Day 1 of Poetry month! Today’s prompt was to write something inspired by this animated version of “Seductive Fantasy” by Sun Ra and his Arkestra. Decided to run with free verse for the first day… so without further ado: vinegared rice and seaweedsushi or sashimi under the MasBlue neon huetrembling chopsticks twirling about the fiddler fiddling […]

Pūst pīlītes

This one’s from a prompt from a couple days ago that I didn’t get around to finishing – the goal was to “engage with different languages and cultures through the lens of proverbs and idiomatic phrases.” I used the Latvian idiom, Pūst pīlītes, for mine. It translates literally to “to blow little ducks”, but means […]

Astoria, the Gnocchi

Today’s prompt was to “find a poem in a language that you don’t know, and perform a “homophonic translation” on it”, which is essentially translating the poem based on how it sounds. Decided to “translate” History of the night by Jorge Luis Borges, an Argentine writer whose work we read a lot of in high […]

Coupon Book

Today’s prompt was to write about a gift that someone had given to you. Wrote a tanka on a coupon book my little sister made me – I’m still waiting to redeem that free basketball game she owes me.   With empty pockets, Squiggle edged scissors, some yarn And teal card stock, she Crafted with […]

First Date on the Farm

Didn’t feel like writing on prompt today – wrote a pair of limericks instead.   In Glenwood there lived a farmer His mother raised him a charmer He landed a first date, But his goat loitered at the gate Oof, what a smooth knight in shining armor In Glenwood there lived a farm girl Her […]

The Saturday Shirt

Missed a couple days 😥 today’s prompt had to do with honoring the idea of Saturday so I wrote about this shirt my dad has worn every Saturday for years.   Every seven days it emerges From the depths of the closet Tried and true Rugged and worn Without fail The burnt rustic Eddie Bauer […]