Hippety Hop

Didn’t totally stay on prompt today – it was to “write a poem inspired by your favorite kind of music”. Went with a reverse cinquain since I wrote a cinquain yesterday.   Beat drop – Rhyme is the game, clever verses, Plus exclusive mixes Can bring you fame Full stop.

Ghosts of Poets Past

Today’s prompt was to write about “poems/poets/people that you strive to be like, or even poems, poets, and people that you strive not to be like”. I was looking for a style I hadn’t written before and went with the American Cinquain.   From Poe’s Dark, grim ballads To Maya Angelou’s Lyrical marvels, past poets […]

Diary of a Programmer

Today’s prompt encouraged writing a “non-apology” for something we’ve stolen. I wouldn’t say stealing code was common in my computer science program at school, but it definitely happened from time to time. Anyway, I wrote a Python script for my non-apology on behalf of CS students everywhere…I tried to write it so it would read […]

A Painter’s Final Feud

I have spent a whole lifetime mastering my craft Medici, why pit me against this amateur dolt? My studio is filled with fastidious drafts I have spent a whole lifetime mastering my craft To compare me to Piombo is really quite daft For each of his strokes stem from haphazard jolts I have spent a […]

Jasmine Bees

Back on track! Today’s prompt was to “write a poem in which one or more flowers take on specific meanings”. I decided to write about jasmine flowers, which are defined as amiable in this  glossary of flower meanings.   Following countless nights of rainfall, the dainty ivory blossoms come to life They meet their first […]

Blood Diamonds

Another catch up poem. Prompt was to write a hay(na)ku, a style created by the poet Eileen Tabios.   True Love, the Start of forever Forever Finally together Sealed by stone Stone Precisely cut Dazzling in light Light Glimmering at The mine’s opening Opening Filled with Dust and darkness Darkness Chiseling away At blasted ore […]

Agar Bati

Playing a bit of catch up on this one. The prompt was to write a concrete poem where the words are shaped into an image that captures a theme of the poem. I did it the old fashion way – on paper. Text: In tranquility and silence We strike a match Igniting the tip of […]

140 Character Limit

Today’s prompt “asks you to peruse the work of one or more of these twitter bots, and use a line or two, or a phrase or even a word that stands out to you, as the seed for your own poem.” In Twitter fashion…   @carsonbot “Consider incompleteness as a verb.” #calltoaction #moneymoves #ambition oh […]

Orange Cheeto

Got a bit busy with work today so this one’s short, but don’t fret I’ll definitely write something soon to do this article justice. No harm intended Mr. Pres!   A boxer no doubt Shirt, tie, optional of course Presidential, sure?  

The One with the Blue Carapace

I will remain perched upon this coarse-grained sandstone ledge Peering from across the amaranth pink fountain To the depths of the still cerulean pond neighboring it’s base I am wholly detached from the passage of time Allowing me to observe the universe’s marvels unfold, one of which The spread of life across our beautiful home […]