Hi everyone! I’m Rushil.

I come out of hibernation every April to provide the world its daily dose of RhymeZone fueled poetry. Words, and our ability to mix them in every sort of way is a really powerful thing. It always amazes me how many forums we have today for expressing our thoughts and hearing those that are presented by others.

So how did I come up with Hāthī Room?

Hāthī is the Gujarati term for elephant, so putting the two together – Elephant Room. Swapping hāthī for elephant is a subtle homage to my heritage and there’s a jazz club in Austin that already has elephantroom.com, so the swap made sense. Putting the two together, “the elephant in the room” is an iconic English idiom hinting at a really obvious matter, which no one is really talking about.

I hope you enjoy reading my pieces and find yourself writing your own!

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